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More Than Just Natural - It's Scientifically Enhanced

At Ilu Hub, we elevate natural beauty with a scientific touch. Our belief extends beyond just clean and natural products; we blend the nurturing gifts of nature with the groundbreaking advances of science for truly exceptional skincare.

Handpicked Brands, Scientifically Validated

Our curated selection of brands not only promise, but deliver scientifically-backed beauty solutions. With a commitment to both your skin and the environment, these brands represent the pinnacle of ethically produced, sustainable, and cruelty-free beauty. Each product is a testament to our belief in quality that speaks for itself – and they’re all personal favourites in our own skincare routines.

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The Ultimate Gift -
Radiant Skin

What’s more thoughtful than the gift of glowing skin and self-care? Our Ilu Hub gift vouchers are the perfect way to express your love and care. Pamper someone special with the beauty of well-being. 

Looking for in person gift vouchers? Gift vouchers for use at our Wanaka Ilu Hub location and not our online store are available here.


Dive into our extensive range of natural and organic skincare and makeup products, thoughtfully categorised to simplify your search. Discover your perfect match in skincare, body care, hair essentials, makeup, and wellness products – each selected for their exceptional performance and alignment with our natural, effective ethos.

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Making skincare easier to understand

At Ilu Hub, we are constantly working on sharing more knowledge with the world and always looking for solutions so everyone can experience the very best in natural and organic skincare too.

Ilu [ee-loo];

Estonian n. beauty

English abbrev. ‘I love you’